Designing and planning of manufacture

Complex technologies

At the heart of a sawing line at the modern sawing enterprise the complex technology lies. one of the main conditions faultless and trouble-free work is harmonious interaction of all elements and line knots. considering it, synerplan offers unique from the point of view of a coordination the technological decision of a sawing line.


We can make to you the project manufactures and make strategic planning

More low the example of the completed sawing line which includes is presented:

  • Giving of logs with automatic centering for optimum sawing up
  • Primary open  frezerno-brusujushchy the machine tool and machine tool
  • Secondary open  the machine tool with possibility of curvilinear sawing up
  • Of the scrap of edges completely automatic system of optimisation scraps of edges
  • Completed tool-grinding shop for service of saws and cutting tools
  • The line of sorting of crude (hand-operated) saw-timbers with installation for scraps


1. scanner


3. okorochnyj machine tool


5. a memory pocket for logs

6. tool-grinding shop

8. frezerno-pilnyj or frezerno-edging machine tool

9. frezerno-brusujushchy machine tool

10. the device of optimisation scraps of edges

11. kromkoobreznoj machine tool

12. the device for scraps

13. the device of sorting of crude saw-timbers

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