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23-10-2010 The game server.
  • The emergency fix on faction insurance is filled in.
  • Command semi-automatic pvp "double domination" it is translated in a stage final .
  • Individual semi-automatic arcadepvp tournament "knightly" in a stage of cosmetic completion.
  • Idividualnyj automatic vp tournament "head hunter" is in a working out stage.
  • Individual automatic vm tournament "monster hunter" is in a working out stage.
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21-10-2010 The game server.
  • The quest with bone daemon is corrected, it is more not without need.
  • It is openedit is possible to get there having chosen point tavern in the menu .

19-10-2010 The game server.
  • The autobalance of fraction joins now at excess of quantity of 20 persons in one of fractions.
  • With the champion in have ceased to drop outconnected with treasure of takuno.
  • Spichrum is in a completion stage (if you there have casually got - not to be frightened).

10-10-2010 Updating on a site.
  • The kind of the status of the server is changed, the conclusion of locations of players is added.
  • Textbook .

09-10-2010 The game server.
  • The system of fractional insurance of things is resulted in from the axis.
  • Soulstouny can be used now time in half an hour.
  • Chests of treasures now each hour, but with considerable radius of disorder.

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